Preo® Automatic Module - KV

Preo® Automatic Module - KV

Preo® Automatic Module - KV

Bead - Dot Application
High reliability, High performance
KV - Short Nozzle
The AMX-45 Modules are the first and only modules in the world to use a replaceable double gasket cartridge. Compatible with earlier models, these high-precision components can work at high speeds (up to 6500 rounds per minute). Its small size and easy maintenance help ensure long-term service reliability.

The Modules are equipped with Zero-Cavity nozzles (already included).

The Zero-Cavity closure system is an innovative, self-cleaning system: the needle enters directly into the nozzle hole and breaks up any residue that may be lodged. Therefore, the nozzles are always clean and the whole system works perfectly.

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280,00 € s/ IVA
344,40 € c/ IVA

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