BARBOCOL was founded in 1991 and has directed its activity for trade and distribution of glues, chemical products and equipment.
Our goal is to resolve any problem that may occur to our customers, when they are in need of a chemical bonding. So our motto is:

“What is the Problem?”

BARBOCOL is the main distributor, for Portugal, of the most prestigious and leading companies in the adhesives world, such as Henkel, National, Industrias OGI, Lord, and have also available Loctite products, Akzo Nobel, etc., with a range of more than 30 brands distributed by numerous business lines, industrial and professional, with an area of ​​distribution and technical assistance that primarily covers Portugal, Madeira and Azores Islands and even Galicia (Spain).

BARBOCOL distinguishes itself by having a technical and commercial advisory service, an enviable stock of certified products, a dynamic distribution and logistics team and a post-sale technical service totally free, in addition to other advantages.

One concern we have with our customers, is to offer products with the best quality / price relation, having already available, in some ranges, alternative cheaper products (Our Brand BBC).

Having to "carry" the responsibility of being a distributor in Portugal of the world's largest manufacturer of adhesives, Henkel, BARBOCOL's aims to be the reference company in Portugal for industrial adhesives.





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