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PREO is a leading company in design and production of equipment for applying Hotmelt and PUR Adhesives, with the most important technical, commercial and entirely Italian structure of production.
PREO S.r.l. was founded in 1938 as a company manufacturing high precision parts for the aerospace industry.
Long ago, the company decided to direct its qualified experience towards the design, production and sale of bonding systems for the packaging and assembly industries
In a few years they managed to extend the brand internationally due to their reliability, innovation, patented and highly technological products, in such a way that they won a leading position both in the manufacture of standard products but also in the development of special solutions.
PREO S.r.l., located in Corsico, near Milan, with a production area of approximately 4,000 m², divided into two large buildings. This is a typical average Italian industry, with ISO 9001 certification and UCIMA member who, with a highly qualified technical team and one of the more modern equipped machines, developed the most important technical, commercial and production "all-Italian" structure in the production of equipment for applying hotmelt adhesives, contributing to further strengthen the Italian product image in the world.
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